Christmas Parties

Your Happy Moments at Gem 2019

We hosted tens of parties during  last & this Christmas and
we still are serving our delicious food to the several hundred of customers with an entertainment. 
We pictured these parties and wanted to share  some of these happy moments of yours that make us proud.

Thank you for choosing Gem Restaurant to celebarate your most important day of the year.


Our Moments

Auden Place Nursery

Dart Teams

Organised by Tina;
Sally, Nina, Joan, Karen, Jill, Rachel, Pauline, Steph, Ann, Sue, Jayne, Pam,Jayne the 2, Lisa, Cathy, Karen, Michelle, Rosie, Robyn, Lisa & Pauline the 2.

Rooftops Nursery

Elaine, Michelle, Terri, Carol, Cecilia, Debbie, Kim, Jadie & Raeesah

Samuel Rhodes School

Organised by  Sarah ;
Charlie, Cerys, Caroline,Micah,Annu, Barbara, Rebecca, Ishah, Amy, Kimny, Chelsea, Mo, Kayleigh, Susan, Trump, Bob, Kimi, Jay Jay, Stacey, Jeremy, Donald, Amos, David & Qlenda.


Angela, Zhan, Annie, Sioghan, Sarah, Jack, Agatha, Kerry, Emma, Clair, Sinrad, Kat, Max, Rashan, Michael.